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AUC Consultant, LLC
Knowledge you can rely on!

Land Use & Property Research

A great deal of information is available publicly, but, it is very difficult for anyone not familiar with the process to find it! Researching the history of land or properties, is critical to the submittal of any development,in order to avoid rejection comments during the permitting process. We can perform the following research:

  • Property zoning district

  • Land development code regulations

  • Wetland Determinations (if existing)

  • Previous development order approvals in addition to other

      documents necessary to fully complete your project submittal.

Acquiring Business License

A business tax receipt is proof that your business has received authorization by a local government to sell products and services. Obtaining a business tax receipt is one of the steps in the business registration process. Before you commit to a lease or any types of agreement, we will help you determine if:

  • Property zoned for the type of business?

  • Does the location meet the required parking spaces?

  • Will we be able to have signage?

  • Will it require any type of building permits?

  • I want to serve/sell alcohol, can I?

  • Any other possible restrictions allowing you to open your business!

Navigating Code Compliance

Code enforcement's first mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents of the community. If you have received a code enforcement notice of violation you must take the necessary action as quickly as possible to become compliant.  Failure to do so may result in accruing fines, liens being placed on the property, and delay or prevent the sale of your property. Most common cases:

  • Fence built without permit

  • Addition/alterations made on a property without permits

  • Work done by unlicensed contractors

  • Improvements encroaching on easements or within property setbacks​

Real Estate Assistance

Buyer? Property Owner? Real Estate Agent? Are you planning on selling or buying a property? If your answer is yes, make sure you reach out to us.  We will be glad to assist in preparing a property report that will include:

  • Zoning information

  • Wetland determinations research

  • Open permits

  • Code violations

  • And more!

Failure to do so can seriously jeopardize the sale or purchase of a property and add costly expenses or even the removal of structures!

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